STORE RE-OPENING: Ontario Government Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


We will re-open for in-store shopping on Tuesday May 19th.

Our new hours are :
Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm 
and Saturday
10am to 3pm

Thank you to all our customers who during the lockdown, continued to support us by shopping online, by telephone and through social media.


We will continue to offer these services for customers who would like delivery service or curb-side pickup. Check our website, our Facebook and Instagram pages often, as we continually add new products.

Our customer's and staff’s health, safety and comfort are our first priority, as we re-open using the Ontario government Covid-19 safety guidelines. We have used our downtime to deep clean and disinfect both front and back end of our physical store. We will clean and disinfect high touch areas, throughout the day, and enhance daily cleaning after hours.


  • Customers and employees must wear mask or face coverings
  • Customers upon entering and exiting the store must use
    hand sanitizer or gloves (provided)
  • Anyone who is not feeling well or showing symptoms of Covid-19 is NOT to enter our premises.
  • Physical Distancing is an essential tool used to keep everyone safe, so please follow signage, floor markings for waiting lines and directional walkways.
  • We will be limiting the number of customers in the store, and in each department to encourage the recommended 2-meter distance between people.
  • If waiting outside, please be patient, be kind and stay behind the marked lines.
  • Only 2 persons per family are allowed in the store.
    (eg. single person, couple, parent and child)
  • At this time, for your safety and ours, NO Strollers allowed in store.
  • Our cash desk is equipped with a Plexiglas barrier
  • We offer contactless payments, and if cash is used, a collection and cleaning protocol is in place.
  • We will supply new, clean shopping bags,that will only be handled by the cashier. 
  • Please do not place your purse or bags from home on our counter.
  • At this time, we cannot use our fitting rooms because they have curtains and not doors, we are looking to make changes in the near future.
  • Returns/exchanges at this time are limited to casual clothing and shoes
  • All returned items will be isolated, quarantined and steamed.
  • No Returns of ceremonial wear (eg. Communion dresses and boys suits)
    until June 1st and by appointment only. Please find out your re-scheduled dates first


Shopping for clothing is not the same as shopping for groceries. It is very personal, and in the past, a touch and feel experience. In this “new normal” shopping environment, less touching and a shorter time inside the store is healthier for customers and staff. Please tell the sales associate what you are searching for, she will show you the available options and take it to the cashier when you’re ready to purchase. A few good rules to follow are: "Shop with a purpose", “touch only what you intend to buy” and  “make quick decisions, to shorten your time in the store.”


We love our customers and have forged incredible relationships over the years, but forgive us now, if we cannot socially interact.

Rest assured we are doing all we can to make your shopping experience safe, convenient and pleasant.


Be reasonable, be respectful and God Bless.

We are all in this together.

Staff and management at Zero 20 Kids.


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